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About Us _


First ENG web-services, IS NOT a web developing company.  Why is that important enough to be the first thing that we say?  We will get back to that in a moment...

ENG is a technology company.  We started out fixing computers way back when (1990) computer repair was magic!  Over the years, computers have become disposable and the answer to just about every thing is "the cloud".

Sadly, many company have lost focus; and that is regardless of what technology is en vogue, the customer is what matters most!  It is that mindset that has kept ENGs' clients loyal and happy so many years.  Things evolve and so do we.

ENG web-services.

Why you need us _

Recently a client of ours had a problem with their web developer.  This web developer charged over $1,000 a month to create and maintain their site.

The realtionship soured and our client decided to leave the web developer.  They approached us and asked if we do web sites.  At the time we did not.  The client needed help getting the site back from the old developer and asked if we could at least do that.

Finally the truth came out!  The developer was using templates and hosting on 

Birth of ENG web-services _

Getting a website up and running is no easy task and can be expensive.

Want proof? Here is one persons ordeal

Here is where ENG web-services comes in.  We are NOT a web developer!  But we know how to use the tools that are already designed to make websites.  If these tools exist why then do you need us?  It's still confusing and time consuming to do it.  For instance you still have to:

  1. Search for an available domain

  2. Register the domain with a registrar

  3. Purchase a hosting account

  4. Setup up the template... etc.


And that's only part of it.

ENG web-services does all of that for you.  No hidden fees, no contracts no long term commitment.  We do all the back-end work. We setup your site, give you your username and password and you are done.  If you want on going maintenance, we can provide that as well.  But it is your domain.

And tired of using your personal email address for work?  your new site will automaticall give you a email.

Modern 3 page website. business email address, optional online store, scheduling and more for a fraction of what a developer would cost.

Contact us and let's see what we can do together.  Oh and by the way... this site was built using a template on

One of our Client Sites _


A Home Care Services of PBC is a home care provider and has been a loyal partner of ENG for well over 10 years.  A Home Care was one of the first to realize the benefits and value that ENG web-services packages have to offer and partner with us to create a vibrant and lively site.  Take a look here and get an idea what we can do for your presences on the web!

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