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GreenOwl Delray Beach

First site we've done for a restaurant. They needed a site with a menu and they gave us a paper copy and a wish list of what they hoped for.

The site surpased their expectations and we may add online ordering.



Dr. Robert Lieberman


The simplest site we created but unique in that we created the logo as well (not something we would normally do)

This is a case of a client that was referred to us from another client that we do IT desktop services for, not web-services.  Thus illustrating why ENG should be your technical support department.



A Home Health Care of Palm Beach


The most complex site by far we have ever done.  But it was for the oldest client we have.  This site included external links, internal customized forms and lots and lots of time and communication.  Honestly it stretched the boundaries of what ENG can do.  However, as you can see in the owners words "pretty dang awesome!"



All About Wicker and Rattan

Our newest client.

Complete site refresh.  I Wish we screen shot the old site.  We had the task of updating the old site to a fresh look and will bringing online a store front as well.  Check it out and watch for more updates


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